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Parts for Your Mechanical System in Edmonton or Western Canada

If you need parts for your mechanical system in Edmonton or Western Canada, turn to the leaders at Bruster PHC Ltd. We stock Siemens combustion products as well as handhole and manway gaskets, and Cleaver Brooks Gasket Kits.

From temperature and pressure controls to hot water tanks, fittings and valves, we have leading equipment known for reliable performance. We are pleased to support all types of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

As specialists in boiler and pressure vessel repairs, we carry a wide range of equipment. Select from the list below to find more information:

We stock and supply parts for:

  • Combustion systems
  • Burners
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Hydronic
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration

Parts for All Types of Applications

Bruster PHC Ltd. commonly works with clients of all types, including:

  • Oilfield
  • Petro-chemical
  • Food production
  • Manufacturing
  • Property management
  • Residential
  • Commerical
  • Industrial

Types of Parts We Carry

We are your source for:

  • Steam traps
  • Ball valves
  • Gate valves
  • Globe valves
  • Fittings
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Boilers
  • Hot water tanks
  • Unit heaters
  • Tanks
  • Flame safeguard controls
  • Energy saving controls
  • Indoor/outdoor reset controls
  • Level controls
  • Temperature controls
  • Pressure controls
  • Gas safety shut off valves
  • Solenoids

Backflow Prevention Devices

A backflow prevention device (also known as a Cross Connection Device) is a valve that is installed between a boiler and the city main water intake. Its purpose is to prevent boiler water from back flowing into the city water supply. Backflow prevention devices are mandatory in Alberta and must be tested annually by a trained and certified technician. Failure to comply may result in a violation ticket, a water service cut-off and/or summary conviction as outlined in the Water Utility Bylaw.


Energy Savings

Siemens RWF55 Temperature/Pressure/Modulation Control

Siemens Combustion Controls have produced an outstanding modulation pressure/temperature controller with the RWF55. This amazing control will modulate your equipment with incredible accuracy and speed. You can adjust the firing rate based on temperature or pressure set points.

Bruster PHC has supplied and/or installed hundreds of these energy saving controls, much to the delight of the owners, who have reduced operating costs. Much of the burner industry has turned to this control as their number one choice for reliability and equipment control.

Siemens LMV Linkage-Less Control

Siemens LMV linkage-less controls remove the trouble, and supply long term energy savings and reliability. This system removes the linkage commonly seen in combustion equipment. The gas flow control valve is directly coupled to the drive motor. The air control damper can also be directly coupled to the drive motor. This configuration eliminates broken and loose linkage rods and fittings, prevents costly downtime, and increases accuracy and repeatability. The Siemens drive motors use speedy accurate drive signals to maximize the potential of your equipment.

The LMV series controller comes with onboard:

  • Flame rectification
  • Self-checking scanner logic
  • Individual natural gas and oil fuel curves
  • 16 points of combustion programming for each fuel
  • Digital display
  • Flame safeguard
  • Temperature and pressure controller
  • O2 trim logic
  • Fuel valve closure proving
  • Individual air and gas motor positioning
  • Controls up to 6 drive motors
  • DDC/PLC input and outputs
  • Computer/laptop interface

Flame Safeguards

Siemens Landis and Gyr/Landis and Steafa Flame Safeguards

Siemens LFL/LAL are economical flame safeguard controls that offer long-term reliability for your burner, boiler, furnace and process equipment needs. The LFL and LAL flame safeguards have been used by the top burner manufacturers around the world for the past two decades.

This control is able to perform both flame rod and ultraviolet flame rectification without the use of additional parts, cards or amplifiers, making it an excellent product choice to meet an array of needs. We stock the most common versions of this control and are able to have product shipped in a very timely manner if required.

Find more information on the Siemens flame safeguards.

Fireye® Flame Safeguards

Fireye® flame safeguards have long been the standard in the combustion and flame safety industry. These products provide excellent features and benefits to the end user and boiler operator. Among the many strong attributes of this control is the ability to display and record current and past boiler lockout history, operational sequence information and real time flame signal indication. Bruster PHC Ltd. stocks a vast array of Fireye® products and we have 25 years of experience in installing and servicing this equipment.

Find complete literature for the Fireye® products.

Honeywell Flame Safeguard

Honeywell offers a wide array of flame safeguard products to meet the many challenging needs of the boiler and burner industry. Bruster PHC Ltd. is proud to stock many of these products to meet the emergency, supply, installation and service needs of our clients. The state-of-the-art RM series of controllers will meet your specific needs.

Find more information on Honeywell’s combustion products.


Flame Scanners

We carry a wide assortment of Siemens, Fireye® and Honeywell flame scanners to meet the unique needs of your application. Select from the links below to find more information.


Gas Pressure Safety Switches

Siemens Gas Pressure Safety Switches

We are pleased to supply the QP series of high and low gas pressure switches from Siemens Combustion Controls to meet your safety shut-off and actuation needs.

Honeywell Gas Pressure Switches

We stock a large number of the common Honeywell Industrial gas pressure switches for use in the oil, petrochemical and boiler markets.


Gas Valves

Siemens Gas Valves/Actuators

Siemens has a large selection of combustion gas valves and control actuators to meet the combustion industry needs. Siemens has made great efforts in the North American market to produce products that supply long life, reliable operation and meet the specific and specialized needs of this industry. Bruster PHC Ltd. is proud to stock, supply and install these outstanding products to the Western Canadian market. We would be happy to supply any information or service to assist you.

Honeywell Gas Valves and Actuators

Honeywell produces an extremely large range of gas valves and actuators. Find more information using the links below and contact us if you have any questions.

Low-Water Cut-Off Devices

McDonnell & Miller

McDonell & Miller has long been the industry standard for level control, pump control and low water cut-off products. Bruster PHC Ltd. stocks a large assortment of the McDonnell & Miller product lineup. Visit their website to find more information.

Warrick® Level and Sensing

Warrick controls provide single and multi-level control, pump start/stop and safety shut-off for a varied amount of uses. We stock a number of these outstanding products. Visit the Warrick website for more information.



Siemens Modulation Motors

Siemens has taken control of the modulation motor industry with this industry leading product. We carry both the SQM50 and SQN7 modulation motors that will reduce your operating costs, improve equipment efficiency and put money back in your pocket. We have these units on the shelf and ready to ship to you. Find more information.

Honeywell Modulation Motors

Honeywell manufactures a number of different modulation motors for the HVAC, boiler, burner and equipment modulation industry. Bruster PHC Ltd. has been supplying, installing and servicing the Honeywell product line of modulation motors for over 25 years. Many of these products are stocked at our office and ready for immediate delivery. Learn more about Honeywell’s firing rate motors.


Temperature/Pressure Controls

Siemens RWF40 Temperature/Pressure/Modulation Control

Find more about this exceptional control device in our Energy Savings section.

Fireye® Boiler Room Controls

Fireye® has produced a boiler room control in an easy-to-use, comprehensive package.
These controls are able to operate, control and safely shut down based on:

  • Firing rate
  • High and low gas pressure
  • Time of day
  • Water temperature
  • Steam pressure
  • Stack temperature
  • Day of the week
  • Lead/lag

Built-in thermal shock prevention logic and operation ensures your boiler is protected to supply long, trouble-free service. With a digital display user interface and easy-to-read control buttons, this control allows the user to easily monitor and operate their boiler. Learn more about the Fireye® control systems.

Honeywell Pressure and Temperature Controls

Honeywell supplies a large assortment of temperature and pressure controls for the HVAC, hydronic, boiler and equipment industry.

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